Our aim is "to create standards for investments".

In our modern society, even though newly emerging industries utilizing blackchain and AI technology are creating new business models one after another, business often have difficulty starting up and taking action due to a lack of funding.

In particular, many venture companies and SMEs give up due to the time it takes to raise funds, even if they have a business to realize. Another prominent issue is that listed stocks can often cost a lot of money, limiting the type and number of investors who can participate.

Due to the current situation regarding company investment, the system currently is suffering a great loss in investment opportunities from both sides. A new system where more individuals can take on business opportunities must be realized, especially so that past failures can lead to future successes.


From Entrance to Exit

Development of both ST issuance (primary market) and ST exchange (secondary market).

Realization via Full,
Total Support

"Procurement Company and Investor Matching", "Information Disclosure", "Project Investigation", "Recruitment", "Fund Settlement".

Automation of Issuance Dividends

The realization of an automatic distribution system by issuing dividends with stable coins, derived from security token issuance.

Trust and Liquidity in
Financial Markets

Correspondence and updates regarding various business requirements, laws, accounting information, tax organization, and more.



Flexible and Broad Investing

Realization of ST exchanges in stocks, real estate, art, copyrights, and more.

The participation in STO via a variety of payment methods, including XUSD, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, ETC, BCH, USDT, etc.

The implementation of distributed management of security tokens handled by ALLEX via ALLEX TOKENS.

The implementation of a chargeback system in the blockchain, updating of corporate information post-investments, and the implementation of voting rights, all with an emphasis on investor protection.

The compliance with KYC and AML standards to prevent troubles such as the unauthorized transfer and use of funds.

A Cryptocurrency Market with Liquidity

The provision of services that users want to use more safely in regards to the handling and flow of virtual currencies.

The realization of a market that primarily uses virtual currencies with high liquidity and potential continuing to the future.

Obtainment of data from various cryptocurrency exchanges and utilizing it to maintain market price fairness.

The implementation of varied investment opportunities via virtual currency leverage trading.

The provision of an easy-to-use investment service with binary options for virtual currency.


From fast transactions to rights management.

The management and recording of held rights, and issuance of ST via Smart Contracts.

No transaction fees, high-speed transactions that take 2 seconds, and more than 1000 transactions per second.

Access to a wide variety of services, including dividends, transaction confirmation, transfer of rights, and wallet apps.

Special measures taken against loss of secret keys/passwords, wallet theft, et cetera in place to ensure the safety of virtual currency.

Regular blockchain updates that comply with security token regulations.


On the use of funding at ALLEX; please view our White Paper for finer details.

Start Time


Token Symbol


End Time


Soft Cap

10.0 M

Hard Cap

30.0 M


Roadmap depicting the future of ALLEX Exchange as well as Allex Tokens.


Our Partners


White Paper
Legal Paper
Market Value




Below are some provided answers to general questions. If you have any other questions not answered below, please contact us for more information.

What exactly is "STO"?

STO is the abbreviation for Security Token Offering, and it is a new funding method that aims to replace traditional ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Available currencies include XUSD, USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Please register as a member and confirm your identity. After registration, you will be able to purchase tokens using respective payment methods.

ALLEX security tokens distribute dividends and profits from business revenues to holders, as well as guarantee business support.

What kind of license does ALLEX operate under?

ALLEX operates under the OVCEA license by CEZA. It is a combination of security token exchange and virtual currency exchange licenses.

Content such as real estate and art transactions, copyrights, leverage transactions, and binary options will be some of the services that will be developed.

In the future, we plan to establish branch offices in each respective country of operation, and deploy them based on and following respective laws and regulations.

Official release is currently scheduled for December of 2019. The exact date will be announced via News.

For how long will ALLEX be selling?

Selling is currently scheduled until the end of March 2020. Listing will begin at the beginning of December 2019. Advance purchases will have a lock-up period of one year.

Features that will be gradually implemented into the system include security token issuance, voting function, rights transferring, chargebacks, KYC, AML countermeasures, and more.

Advance purchases will be $1.00 per token.

ALX is free of charge for account activation as well as transaction fees, and also comes with a Smart Contract function. Transaction speed overall is approx. 1000 transactions handled per second, with each individual transaction taking 2 seconds.

About ST and Real Estate

As real estate is handled according to respective laws and regulations of each country, we mainly handle real estate in offshore and special economic zones.

A variety of content such as the rights and sales of copyrighted content, usage rights, and license sales will be made into security tokens and used.

Pertaining sales will be divided into the accessibility of art, ownership rights, sales, and other rights. Management is determined individually per project and product.

We will increase accessibility to individual company rights and support up to stock listing. We will also rpovide support from a company's white paper-stage until HP creation.


Please feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have, using the form below.

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    Cagayan, Philippines